VE Studio - Limitless Connections


Designed by Therese McGuinness, Deirdre Corcoran, Isabel Staunton and Aine Lenihan at Chapter.

Web Design: Tadhg McNealy

Brand Strategy: Joanna Buckley

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Typography / Digital / Social / Event


VE Studio has the expertise and technology to create one of a kind, tailor-made experiences for their clients events. They know possibilities for virtual and hybrid events are endless and want to be known for leading the way in the industry.

The driving force behind VE Studio is finding new ways to curate experiences that leave audiences more connected & inspired than ever before.

By merging state-of-the-art technology with best-in-class event planning, they are at the core of bringing people and audiences together in unforgettable ways. 

To capture this we began by creating the language and messaging they needed to translate this to the public, developing an innovative verbal identity.

Our choice of colour was essential in conveying the vibrant energy behind this brand. This paired with future focused typography and graphic devices results in compelling visuals.