Vella Homes

Vesta Homes is a Cork-based property development company with a firmly-established background in homebuilding. We were approached by the owner Donal Relihan to work on a rebrand which included a new name and tagline.

Donal has a keen interest in Roman history. We wanted to bring this unique aspect of Donal's interest through the brand. In Ancient Rome, a monogram was a way for the rulers of the area to authenticate the coins. We created a VA monogram with the letter ‘V’ which, when flipped upside down, reads as the letter ‘A’. The colours are inspired by Roman building materials such as pentelic marble and chemtou. We carried the angle of the monogram through graphics devices and created a bespoke pattern for Vella Homes using the ‘V’ and ‘A’. The new brand identity works across printed collateral, signage and hoarding, apparel and digital experiences.