Designed by Therese McGuinness, Aine Lenihan and Deirdre Corcoran at Chapter.

Motion design: Aine Lenihan

Website design: Kieran Rigby

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Digital / Campaign / Website / Branding / Identity / App

Verifact is a progressive tech company on a mission to empower people by providing transparent information through their blockchain technology. We came on board to help them tell their story to multiple audiences. Historically a B2B company, Verifact’s progression within consumer goods meant that they needed a set of tools for also communicating to the wider public. This meant simplifying the complex process that is blockchain and clearly outlining the benefits to the consumer.

We developed a comprehensive brand identity for Verifact to reflect the scope and diversity of their work. Starting with purpose and values, we defined the brand’s out-ward facing messaging before establishing a unique look and feel. For the logo, we created a mark that encompasses an identifiable tick icon. This serves as a reassuring certification symbol for consumers but also communicates the verification process to prospective B2B clients. With a wide and flexible colour palette and pattern, we also ensured longevity as the brand grows. Having equipped Verifact with a bespoke website, digital presentation and social tools, the company is now set to conquer the next chapter of their business.