Vintage Tea Trips


Designed by Glenn Bolton and Ailbhe Diskin at Neworld

Project Manager : Mary Helow

Illustrator : Rachel Corcoran

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration

Vintage Tea Trips is about adventure, nostalgia, and craic. It’s no secret that the Irish know how to have fun. We brought this vibrancy to the forefront of the brand identity to communicate that the Vintage Tea Trips experience is not a traditional, stuffy Afternoon Tea in a quiet drawing room. This is Afternoon Tea the Irish way.

With detailed gold typography and familiar-feeling illustrations, the bus itself is reminiscent of a classic biscuit tin. Beautifully illustrated characters bring a burst of colour and personality to passersby as the 1960s Routemaster motors around Dublin’s fair city. These characters transcend the ages and evoke the sense of nostalgia that is so synonymous with the Vintage Tea Trips brand.