Designed by Louise Naughton at In the Company of Huskies

Photographer: Mark Duggan

Stylist: Lesiele Juliet

Food Stylist: Niamh Browne

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Photography / Digital / Art direction / Campaign / Social / Content Marketing

Vithit are an Irish owned vitamin drinks brand exported to 8 countries worldwide. 

The company wanted to develop a social and content strategy for 2018 to increase brand awareness in the UK and Ireland. Previously, content had been created in-house.

Inspired by pop culture, fashion, fitness and Vithit’s existing brand colours, a bold, bright, playful visual style for social was developed. The concepts focused on photography - a medium that resonates with instagram users. Content with a fashion editorial look and feel was conceived and collaborating with a stylist and photographer, these were art directed to create a library of visuals to inform, inspire and engage the target demographic across social platforms with a specific emphasis on instagram.