Waterford: Gaia Organic Retail Display


Designed by John Gavin, Leon Murphy and Vanessa Gavin at TrueOutput:

Photography: Caolan Barron

Categories: Packaging / Environmental / Identity / Signage / Object / Prop

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Food and drink / Retail / Whiskey / Packaging / Signage

Organic: Gaia 1.1 is the first organic Irish whisky as certified by the Organic Trust, having met rigorous production regimens and audits. To launch this groundbreaking product we developed a ‘Gaia’ identity and packaging design, including a bespoke bottle as used across the range. 

The retail display builds on the brand identity and the concept of Gaia, the goddess of mother nature. The shrine like display combines the symbol motif manifested in 3d and places the bottle at the centre. The perspex ‘fins’ have a fluorescent edge which glow as if having their own light source, and enhancing the otherworldly effect. The front case is filled with organic barley reinforcing the source of the whisky’s flavour.The display was designed to be reused in other retail environments and will eventually go on permanent display at the distillery.

The whisky sold out within a few days of going on sale here and has gone on to win awards and praise from whisky reviewers worldwide.