Watson Conversation Poster


Designed by Rebecca Love at IBM Studios Dublin

Data Engineer: Simon Finney

Advisory Designer: Lara Hanlon

Printer: Plus Print

Categories: Print

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Poster / Typography

In a snapshot representation of design, over 11,000 tweets from the OFFSET community were analysed by IBM Watson. Traversing a vast range of data like this allows IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) services to discover patterns that we, as humans, may overlook. Watson uses natural language understanding to identify the topic of the tweet. It then determines the emotion behind the language used, and returns a rating of its confidence in the accuracy of the analysis.

Abstractly visualised to unite organic and digital form, larger shapes highlight topics that are mentioned more often whilst shapes with sharper edges represent those surrounded by negative emotions. The power of human and AI combined illustrates the value of the relationship between people and machines.