Waves is a partnership programme between Fingal Arts Office and Cleo Fagan, curator of Superprojects, the project has seen Irish artists Clodagh Emoe, Sean Lynch, Ruth Lyons and Eoghan Ryan devise a series of compelling workshops for second level students in response to the rich context of the 1916 centenary. During this enquiry students and teachers from Fingal Community College and Hartstown Community School have explored ideas of zeitgeist, civic agency, collaboration, collectivity, public art, memorialisation and cultural representation.

The studio was commissioned by to create a limited edition poster that would serve as a commemorative graphic piece for the project.

Our brief was open and straightforward, the project commissioners specifically requested we produce a stand alone piece of design that would complement the work that had been completed on the project to date. Alongside our design work, Fingal Arts commissioned a new text by artist and writer Sue Rainsford (titled 'Disperse') concerning both the overall project and the themes explored by the participants and artists throughout its workshops.

Our goal was to produce a striking piece of poster design that reflected energy and movement in a simplistic abstracted style with the projects title being our focal point. Various wave frequencies were explored and expressed visually using a vibrant colour palette and attention to detail in both the overall compositional work and the printing methods used in the posters production.