WFA 2015 - Identity and Collateral

Designed by John Gavin and Colm O'Connor

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Architecture

In its 14th year, Waterford Festival of Architecture works towards enhancing the understanding and appreciation of architecture among the wider community, including creative practitioners of other artistic disciplines. The theme of 2015's festival was “Origins” and encouraged the public to engage with the city on a more intimate level, with visits to houses, public buildings, lectures, events, tours and walks.

The theme of origins took us to observing the original settlers, the city walls and tower fortifications they built. By plotting the positions of these structures and connecting them together it gave us a simplified, stylised 'map' of the key points in this ancient city. This 'origin map' was developed into a graphic which also suggests a molecular structure and the living, changing nature of the city we inhabit.

The typography is bold and rises vertically to hint at a city skyline. We choose a black and a flouro green ink to give us visual standout. The printed collateral is dual purpose becoming an information events flyer and a poster. The poster was displayed in multiples to create a graphic pattern and attract attention to the event.

The festival had record attendance to the events over the 5 days.