What Happens Next Is A Secret

2010 Selection

Designed by Ciarán ÓGaora at Zero-G

Curator/Client/Collaborator: Marguerite O’Molloy

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

WHNIAS was a collaboration with IMMA curator Marguerite O’Molloy for an exhibition of the same name. The 'catalogue' for the show was designed to change though-out the timespan of the show. Every three weeks additional information was received from Marguerite and overprinted on the previous edition. What was to be added or removed [redacted] was not known in advance. The folding of the booklet also changed with each printing creating a different page order for each edition creating the opportunity for shifting spread combinations. By the end of the exhibition four distinct editions had been created and were gathered with a slip case as a document of the shifting history of the show.