When you can read everything, it changes everything


Designed by Emily Blaney at In the Company of Huskies

Copywriter: Niamh Ryan

Creative director: Damian Hanley

Categories: Print

Industry: Charitable

Learning to read and write opens up a world of opportunities. Our campaign “When you can read everything, it changes everything” demonstrates that literacy has the power to change the lives of children.

The two-sided newspaper ad contains a story, half of which is printed on one page and the other half is printed on the back. When the page is read normally the text tells the struggles of an illiterate child, however when held up to the light the message revealed is a positive one of what can be achieved when you can read everything.

We wanted to show potential volunteers and donors the difference they could make to a child’s life by simply helping them learn to read. Thanks to the thin newsprint paper, when the ad is held up to the light, the extra words change the story entirely – from a negative to a positive.

This campaign communicated a simple truth that resonated with the public and media, gaining greater empathy, understanding and support for the work that Suas do.

This campaign won the IAPI's Team Ireland Cannes Young Lions 2018 competition.