White Mausu Website

Having worked with White Mausu from the very beginning we were tasked to bring their online and e-commerce packing to a new level during the time of the fist lockdown. We worked closely with a props designer, photographer and the White Mausu team to create a set of photographs that were fitting for the products themselves. We took inspiration from North Korean photo books that portray a place of candy-coloured apartment buildings, and pastel-hued interiors to create a series of precisely composed compositions that we could use for the newly designed e-commerce website.

A variety of fluid shapes were created by Play Nice Studio similar to the shapes found on the product labels which were then used to convey the various packages available to buy in the online shop. Illustrations (CiCo Illustrates) were also used on the website to showcase some of the stockists as well as contributing a nice addition of colour and texture. Along with the imagery, the new revamped website was designed and built to showcase the products, expand upon the brand’s story, and place a focus on driving online sales. All the assets created were key to developing the personality of the brand in a time when online sales have become more important than ever.