Wild Burrow Gin Range


Designed by David Walsh at Greenhouse

Categories: Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Wild Burrow is a range of craft gin released by Lidl Ireland in conjunction with West Cork Distillers.

The coordinates on the Botanical Irish Gin outline the exact location of Rabbit Island, off the west coast of Co. Cork, the origin of the gins defining ingredients.

The Island is evoked in a wood-block illustration style with the 12 botanical ingredients blowing above it in the Atlantic sea air. The illustration portrays the island as the rugged and mystical essence of the gins recipe.

The blue bottle and metallic blue foil seal and design accents give further hints of its maritime links.

The second gin in this range is a London Dry Gin. The original inspiration is extended to include a suggestion of sophistication and the city of London - the historical origin of this gin type - through subtle references, such as the bowler hat and umbrella. The playful peek of the rabbit ears inside the hat connect this unique gin to the Wild Burrow conceptual range.

The green bottle is typical of London Dry Gins and is complemented with the matte gold foil seal and other design accents.