Wired 99.9FM


Designed by Oisin Ralph, Kevin King and Hugh Heffernan at Piquant Media

Categories: Identity / Social Media / Screen

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Music / Digital / Social / System

WIRED 99.9FM is a student community of interest radio station with an active policy of facilitating access, communication and participation.

When developing this brand system, the primary objective was placed on capturing the inclusive, accessible and communal values of the station, while reflecting their volunteers and the diversity they bring to the community.

In response to this, the brand was infused with a visualisation of various sonic waves that were generated using audio input, capturing an authentic visual experience of sound. This was then adapted across a dynamic suite of emblems and a wide range of textures. This in turn captured the internal structure of WIRED 99.9FM and the multitude of experiences delivered by the volunteers, cementing their individual and communal efforts into the brand's visual expressions, empowering them to take ownership and creative freedom in their representations.