Women's Health in Ireland

2018 Selection

Designed by Jennifer Leahy

Categories: Identity

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Digital

Women’s Health in Ireland (WHI) is an organisation formed shortly before the 2018 referendum on abortion care in Ireland. WHI is a cross-professional, cross-political organisation. Its members have backgrounds in politics, medicine and law. Their sole objective was to affect the referendum and help secure a yes vote on May 25th.

The brief was to develop an identity which conveyed the vision and purpose of WHI. The group saw that the conversation on both sides was becoming increasingly intense and emotive. My objective was to approach the issue from a calm, logic driven perspective.

This identity deals with perspective. WHI offered voters the chance to view the facts from different angles (political, legal and medical points of view), thereby gaining a new perspective. The mark itself takes three squares, representative of these three pertinent aspects of the conversation. These rotate at an angle throughout the identity, conveying the idea that the angle you take changes your perception of the object, while the shape itself (or fact in the case of the referendum) ultimately remains the same. It all depends how you look at it.