World Ocean Day Conference


Designed by Brian Byrne at Lands

Conference Photography: Clare Keogh and Brian Lougheed

Categories: Promotional / Identity / Experience

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Poster / Typography / Science / Campaign / Event / Conference

The World Ocean Day Conference, organised by Fair Seas, brought together ocean advocates, government representatives, industry professionals, and key stakeholders in Ireland. The primary focus of the conference sessions revolved around the designation and management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The aim was to learn from global best practices and collectively map out the next steps for protecting Ireland's oceans.

Fair Seas requested an identity for the conference that would celebrate the ocean, appeal to its target audience, complement its own visual identity and be adaptable across multiple touchpoints.

Earth is an actual world of oceans. 70% of our planet's surface is covered by one giant ocean and is home to more than 90% of all living creatures. To celebrate this idea, we created our own 'World of Oceans' illustration—a large, experimental watercolour disc that forms the centrepiece of the identity. The disc, sometimes seen in its entirety and sometimes bleeding off the edge of a page or screen, is combined with contemporary typography in various configurations. The watercolours generated interesting tones and textures and created a unique backdrop for the various print and digital assets we created. The vibrancy and character of the identity set the tone for what was a memorable few days.