WoWos (2013)

Designed by David Wall and Conor Nolan at WorkGroup

Categories: Packaging / CD / Vinyl / Cassette

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Music

WoWos is a melodic instrumental pop outfit made up of musicians from Ireland and Denmark. Sean Carpio formed the band as part of a commission by Project Arts Centre and after three years of writing and performing this music, decided to record a selection of songs and release it as a self-titled album.

The name WoWos comes from the sound of Sean singing. From the opening of the first track (Milton, a tribute to Milton Glaser) the voice is used as an instrument, with words seldom used throughout. The shape of a mouth singing ‘wo’ makes up the illustration on the cover, with references to constellations and star systems extending to the layout of the vinyl labels. The reverse has a short text by Robert Stillman on the formlessness of music, with the layout a response to that idea.