Writing3.0 – Fingals Writer's Festival

2010 Selection

Designed by David Smith and Oran Day at Atelier David Smith

Printing: Plus Print Ltd

Categories: Promotional / Identity / Publication

Industry: Civic / Education

Writing3.0 was conceived as an antidote to the numerous traditional literary and book festivals across Ireland. Commissioned by Fingal Libraries the objective was to introduce a new younger audience to the potential of creative writing using established and emerging digital platforms without alienating established authors/audiences practised in publishing for traditional media. Regardless of media and output the metaphor of a "blank page" resonates with all writers and this was used as the basic motif for the festival identity and communications.

For budget reasons all of the communicatione were produced in two colours. Printing sheets were carefully subdivided to yield additional applications. A broadsheet was produced for the event announcement and programme and minor collateral – bookmarks, date-cards, flyers – were produced to extend and complement main identity and application.