Your Library, Your Space, Your Future.


Designed by Colin Byrne and Brian McCartan at TOTEM

Categories: Print

Industry: Civic

'Your Library, Your Space, Your Future' is the first Library Development Plan of the new merged Waterford City and County Council. The Plan identifies six themes – Community, Health & Wellbeing, Education, Culture, Leisure and Economy – that will help create a Library Service that people feel ownership of, feel comfortable in to use as their own and see as a viable part of their future.

The Plan is completely bi-lingual with equal emphasis given to both languages.

Through the combination of innovative typography, colour and photography we designed an engaging contemporary cover that captured essence of the plan.

The cover was matt laminated with a spot UV varnish on the photograph. The document is 250mm wide, shorter than a standard landscape A4, creating a custom size.

The structure of the cover design now forms the basis for other similar publications by the Council, creating a recognizable style but allowing each publication to showcase its individual theme.

While this Development Plan is a formal strategic document, it also needed to be accessible, reflecting the vision of public ownership of the library service. Our internal design was formal in tone but we used imagery throughout to visualize the diversity of the twelve libraries in the county and their many services.