Zak Kyes Working With… (2012)

2012 Selection

Designed by Wayne Daly (Freelance)

Publisher: Sternberg Press

Editor: Barbara Steiner

Editor: Zak Kyes

Editorial Assistant: Airi Triisberg

Copyeditor: Leah Whitman-Salkin

Type design: Radim Peško

Printer: GGP Media GmbH

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Website: DESC,month DESC

Zak Kyes Working With…, (Sternberg Press, 2012) was published to coincide with the exhibition of the same name, initiated by Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst (Leipzig), and subsequently travelling to the Architectural Association (London), Graham Foundation (Chicago) and Tensta Konsthall (Stockholm). The exhibition brought together a range of projects by Kyes, as well as works by several of his collaborators – including architects, artists, writers, curators, editors, and other graphic designers – commissioned specifically for the exhibition. Each of these new works was assigned a specific role in the making of the exhibition, such as the exhibition display, object captions, poster, audio guide, workshop, lecture, archive, and catalogue. Wayne Daly was invited to design the catalogue and to present this work in the context of the exhibition. As the book would not be published until later in the show’s run, and in response to the exhibition designer Jesko Fezer’s rule that any accompanying publication should not be displayed, a bulking dummy acted as a substitute – a ghostly premonition, present amongst the work that would soon be reassembled into its pages. The typeface used throughout the book is Dear Sir, Dear Madam, designed especially for the exhibition by Radim Peško and for the exclusive use of the exhibition contributors.