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Design Directory Ireland was commissioned as part of Irish Design 2015 (ID2015), a year long initiative which promoted Irish design and its economic growth in Ireland and internationally. The overall goal of this project was to create a comprehensive and searchable register of over 1000 designers, design companies, architectural practices and makers in Ireland. The project was designed and developed in 2016 and will be a long-standing product of the Year of Irish Design 2015.

Designed at IBM Studios Dublin, this directory is an online portal that showcases all registered designers from Ireland on one single platform. Providing users with the ability to search for designers across many disciplines; discover new profiles organically; and learn about the design industry through curated content, are the three core experiences of Design Directory Ireland.

Design Directory Ireland reflects the brand identity of ID2015, developed by Atelier David Smith. Working from these initial guidelines, additional UX/UI patterns were designed and implemented to extend the visual vocabulary for screen. This ensured that the design itself would honour the brand yet could exist independently and post-ID2015.

Designed by Lara Hanlon, Graham Harper at IBM Studios Dublin

Included in Archive Selection 2016

David Way — Developer
Rochelle Carr — Advisory Designer
Gabriella Braga — Advisory Designer
Sära Furlong — Advisory Designer

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