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Founded in 1958, The Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD) is a non-profit, membership-led body, made up of the best creatives in Ireland. ICAD's mission is to foster, promote and reward creative excellence in Irish advertising and design. As well as running their annual awards, ICAD run exhibitions, events, talks and offer learning opportunities to to creatives at all levels.

Our objective was to design a platform for all creatives, both members and non-members, so that they connect in a relevant way and build a stronger ICAD community, reinforcing the ICAD mission. We also endeavoured to create a site that showcases all the ICAD initiatives, from the annual awards gallery to Upstarts, plus others, thus adding value for the membership and sponsors. We designed a series of flexible templates with accents of vibrant colour that are visually engaging, easy to navigate and update with diverse types of content, ranging from text to video and radio.

Designed by Kathryn Wilson, Paula McEntee at Slater Design,Red Dog

Included in Archive Selection 2016

Ebow — Digital Partner & Website Development
Shane Casey — UX

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