OFFSET Titles - London

I was luckily enough to have Bren and Lisa at OFFSET contact me to create and direct the opening titles to their amazing festival, OFFSET. The brief was very open ended—under 3 mins, no voice-over.

My concept:
Six International characters from across the globe are en route to OFFSET’s first international design conference held in London. They're traveling on their very own custom made motorbikes, each carrying an individual letter to help spell out 'OFFSET'. While driving on the road, they each leave a messy trail that help spell out the 18 guest speakers' names.

All the characters are made out of clay and hand painted 4 times or more to create the boiling/flickering effect which was inspired by a technique I saw Conor Finnegan do. All the background props and guest names are digitally cell animated.

Here's a making of video to see behind the scenes on how it was made:

Equipment: Clay, wire (for the skeleton structure of the characters), acrylic paint, a Cannon 5D camera, and a mini light-box studio.

Programs: Dragonframe (for stop motion), Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

Note: co-animated by Damien Bastelica

Designed by Aran Quinn at Ways & Means,OFFSET Events

Damien Bastelica — animator, compositor
ECHOLAB — music company
Gavin Little — composer, sound design
Joe McHugh — sound design
Steve Lynch — composer
Michael Girandola — photography

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