Contributors Call Out

3rd March 2022
by 100 Archive Team,
edited by Kate Stuart

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Our mission at the 100 Archive is to present, discuss and contextualise contemporary Irish design, and a key way for us to do this is to use as a platform for critique, exploration, and discussion in the form of our articles. This began as a somewhat ad hoc affair, with members of the steering committee cajoling people to write something for us whenever they could.

In 2019 we started to put a more structured system in place for this, with the remarkable Anusia Grennell at the helm. Anusia spent two years developing a considered editorial approach as well as the vital underlying administrative structure that has ensured rich discursive content on this site. She has taken a step back for now, and we are immensely grateful for the time, energy, and insight she gave us!

Backing up Anusia and supporting the wider team have been Rosanne Lancaster and Lara Hanlon. Both have helped every contributor to create, edit and present a fantastic variety of articles and series, as well as sharing their own perspectives and curiosities, and we are delighted that they will continue to lead the articles team. They will be joined by Clare Lynch, Brian Byrne, and Kate Stuart, all of whom have contributed brilliant articles and interviews in recent years. A massive thank you to the other writers and editors who contributed articles and contributed to the shared effort of bringing new written work to in recent years. Rosanna McGuirk, Kate Brangan, David Joyce, Keelin Coyle, and Áine O’Neill, thank you so much for being part of the team!

Now for what comes next… we would like to bring new perspectives onto the site and new folks onto the team. We are seeking people who would like to write articles exploring issues facing the industry, find ways of looking at our vast collections of design work in new ways and connect to a variety of voices in and beyond the design community. We invite people to share their own ideas and help others to do the same. We want curious thinkers, enthusiastic writers, and eagle-eyed editors. We want you to raise your hand and join in!

The team is currently working on some ideas, and a few topics we want to cover in 2022 are Sustainability in design, design for the circular economy, and what is the designer's role in all of this. We are also looking at our changing work, the great resignation, and how more people are rethinking their choices, whether that is a new role, a new career, or a new location. We continue to support new graduates and give them a platform to share their ideas and opinions. We believe that the next generation is not only incredibly creative but also fearless and eager to reshape society and the creative industries for the better. 

Although the 100 Archive primarily focuses its attention on Visual Communications, the articles team looks at design more broadly. We have explored the changing landscape and increasing influence of women in design in Elaine McDevitt's article, Women In Design: A Supporting Role. Additionally, Brian Byrne has interviewed members of the Act Now Collective who encourage people and communities to take positive climate action. We're particularly interested in hearing from any previously unheard voices. The 100 Archive strives to reflect the breadth of our design community and we continue to look for ways to open our doors to those not yet involved. 

Sounds interesting, what do you want from me?

We would love people to join the team who are willing to contribute a minimum of three articles per year, and be willing to help the team with idea generation, leads, editing/proofing, scheduling and sharing on our social media. We would ask that you commit to contributing to the articles team’s work for at least one year, with the option to keep going if you’re enjoying it.

Okay, but what do I get?

We all know that designing is one thing, while communicating can be another… To be able to discuss and contextualise design is an incredibly valuable skill in our industry, and these are the muscles you’ll be flexing and strengthening while working with the team. You will develop writing, editing and interviewing skills, and we hope you’ll enjoy the brainstorming and discussion that leads to a whole host of content being created for the site each year. Additionally, your writing will be published in a national resource and read by hundreds, both in and beyond the community.

Sounds great, sign me up!

If this tickles your fancy, please drop us a line at with a quick intro to yourself, your background, and what you’d like to contribute. Some of you might have a burning desire to explore a particular topic or strand of content, while others might be open to seeing what’s needed and what gaps the existing team has identified. Letting us know which camp you fall into will really help us as we assemble a new team of writers and editors.

Can I just do an article the odd time instead?

Yes! Have something you’ve been scratching your head about for a while, or a burning issue you think needs discussing? Drop us a line with the subject line ‘Letters to the Editor’ to submit your ideas for a one-off article for potential publishing.

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