4site (2016)

Designed by Muireann McNulty at RichardsDee

Creative Director: Simon Richards

Project Director: Celine Dee

Brand Strategist: Amanda Smith

Photography: Finn Richards

Industry: Corporate

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Website: 4sitenetworks.com/

For over a decade, 4site have been working with world leaders in the telecommunications industry to ensure their clients successfully meet the challenges presented by the always-evolving technology landscape. We were appointed to reinvigorate the 4site brand, building greater relevance and motivation for new and existing customers to engage.

The visual identity took inspiration from the squared calculations sheet the network designers use at the beginning of every project, with a supporting network of grid graphics and a customised typeface reflecting the detail from the brandmark.

It was essential that the colour palette differentiated against the ever present ‘trusted’ blues of the engineering industry. A bright gold signifies their passion for positive change in the industry, and charcoal was used to denote the dependability of the team. We directed a photoshoot to capture the breadth of 4site’s capabilities and emphasise the expertise and innovation involved in the network design process.

The new brand identity and creative expression broadens the conversations that 4site can have with its audiences and is providing the perfect platform for growing the UK market.