Accudelta (2015)

Designed by Paula McEntee at Red Dog

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

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MoneyMate, a specialist creator of financial data services, approached us to name, position and create a visual identity for a platform called Fund Product Master (FPM) which gives secure access to data.

After a rigorous naming process, the name Accudelta was chosen – a hybrid of ‘accu’ from ‘accuracy’ and ‘delta’, the fourth letter of the greek alphabet, which is triangular in form. Taking a triangle as the building block, we created a contemporary logotype, bookended by stylised forms of the letter ‘A’. Inspired by the guilloche patterns on banknotes, we created a system of delicate motifs composed of arrangements of triangles, placed in close proximity to the logotype to evoke the Platform’s flexible features. The identity system consists of a muted palette of greens, blues and purples, combined with subtle typography, to complement the motifs. To support the ‘delta’ concept of the visual identity we folded back the corners of the brochure covers to reveal the logotype on the inside.