Arts Council Funding Logos

2021 Selection

Designed by Archie Heaslip at CI Studio

Type Design: Archie Heaslip

Type Consultant: Max Phillips

Art Direction: Mel O'Rourke

Video: Cian McKenna

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Logo / Culture

The Arts Council in Ireland have a set of funding logos which are supplied to the arts and arts related organisations in receipt of funding. These organisations or individuals are obliged to carry the logo of their specific area of the arts on any promotional material produced, to help build awareness around the funding remit of the Arts Council and, in turn, influence government as to the breadth and scope of the arts in Ireland and the importance of funding to enable it to thrive. 

The previous funding logos had been around a while, were quite clunky and difficult to apply to the ever-expanding amount of promotional material, both print and digital, that all arts organisations need to produce in order to promote their event or product. Our task was to streamline them, make them more user friendly and suited for use in a digital capacity.  

Working closely with the Arts Council, it was felt that in order to create cohesion between the Arts Council logo and these new funding logos, the main logo also needed to be addressed. Frutiger had been the corporate typeface of Arts Council for many years and we replaced it with Patron by Milieu Grotesque, an expressive yet versatile grotesk, suitable for both print and on-screen use. We designed a complementary stencil version of Patron to create a typographic hierarchy within the funding logos.  

The Arts Council logo was meticulously redrawn to strengthen it without losing its overall recognisable aesthetic. The funding logos use a simple keyline for positioning, to ensure ease of application on any background, in any colour and the logos can animate when used in a digital environment. With versions in both Irish and English languages, they work simply and effectively wherever they are displayed.