Designed by Archie Heaslip and Philip Mitton at CI Studio

Creative Direction: Mel O'Rourke

Photography: Sean Jackson

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Corporate


BDO is the 5th largest accounting firm in the world, providing specialist audit, tax and business advice in Ireland since 1982. Their mission was to increase visibility and awareness of their core proposition and brand in a way which would create the required impact and allow them tell their story across multi platforms. All without changing their global identity and complying with their global corporate guidelines.

BDO, as a simple acronym, contains the letters D and O. Two simple letters which make up a powerful word, the word DO. Exceptional service and a passion for both their clients and people's success is what drives them. Working with this single idea, a graphic was formed, using the line from the existing BDO logo to highlight DO. This became their primary graphic and from this, a new house style was developed, supported by a simple strapline, Smart Business Advisors, positioning them as more than mere accountants. Using multimedia, the concept was launched to 400 employees at their annual conference in The Mansion House. It was carried through to all touchpoints including their main HQ in Dublin where the interiors and environmental graphics were also designed. It was then launched externally with a large outdoor, broadcast, print and digital media campaign.