Chipmongers - Brand

We were briefed to design a brand for chip shops that could grow into a UK and Ireland wide chain. Chippers were struggling against both their traditional competitors in the fast food chains and also smart new fast-casual offerings on the high street.

It was a daunting task, the local chipper has a charm and they're much loved in their local communities. In creating a new brand we didn't want to lose this appeal and paper over the past, there needed to be a way to retain the rich history and tradition while still creating a brand to appeal to a new generation. We began with a name and visual identity style, established a tone of voice and found a way to bring the history and tradition of the past into communications materials and in store.

Three stores were quickly rolled out in 2016 with very positive early sales figures. There are plans to roll the brand out to many more locations across the UK and Ireland in 2017. In order to recognise the British tradition of fish & chip shops we plan to craft the language and communications slightly differently for another territory with their own rich traditions.