Clontarf Castle


Designed by Gary Gleeson and Lorna Ryan McKeon at Neworld

Project Manager: Mary Heloe

Brand Strategist: Anita Kerr

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Hotel

More than a sprinkle of magic...

 Clontarf Castle really is one of a kind. It’s seen generations of stories played out within its walls. But when it came to us it lacked clarity - how do you tell all those stories? What was the unique proposition to set it apart?

The Hotel operates in a complex multitude of markets, from weddings to events to conferences to F&B and local trade. Our challenge lay in understanding how to capture all the layers of rich history and intrigue in a way that would connect with their array of audiences – how could we make it relevant? 

We realised that it’s the people who have lived, loved and laughed at Clontarf Castle that make the brand so wonderfully eccentric, truly magical and uniquely special - from Brian Boru, to the Vernons, to Handel, to the staff, to the locals. We built a compelling new positioning around it - it’s no longer about a best kept secret, it’s about sharing the story!


We created a brand identity that embodies the very essence of Clontarf Castle Hotel. Taking inspiration from the Vernon crest, it honours Clontarf Castle’s intriguing past and creates an environment where new stories are made and cherished. Each of the stories are celebrated throughout the hotel and come to life through all customer touch points from brochures to menus to signage to the website.