Clúid Annual Report 2013 (2014)

2014 Selection

Designed by Debbie Cooke at Red Dog

Illustrator: David Lemm

Categories: Print

Industry: Civic

Tags: Annual report / Illustration

Clúid works at the forefront of the social housing sector, focusing on solutions and innovating in a constantly changing Ireland. They wanted us to highlight the countless challenges and innovative solutions they provide through quality housing and services to enable people to create homes and thriving communities. We commissioned illustrator David Lemm to help us to communicate how Clúid overcome these challenges in a dynamic and friendly way, through the creation of contrasting greyscale ‘before’ and colourful ‘after’ illustrations.

We printed the Report’s accounts on peach paper - a nod towards the Financial Times, but also to make a distinction between both parts of the Report - highlighting Clúid’s commitment to transparency and accessibility.