Clúid Housing Annual Report


Designed by Kim Robinson at Red Dog

Illustrator: Bratislav Milenkovic

Categories: Print

Industry: Charitable

Since its establishment in the mid 1990s Clúid Housing has grown to become the largest housing association in Ireland, providing 5,359 affordable, high quality homes to people from housing lists across the country. Every year we consider how we can more effectively communicate their quite complex business model, and this year, rather than going for a more conventional layout, we proposed the creation of three distinctive double page spread illustations (infographic style) to clearly demonstrate the three important aspects of the Clúid Housing business model, helping to set the pace of the annual report: How Clúid Housing acquire units; How Clúid Housing spend money; How Clúid Housing earn money.

We commissioned Bratislav Milenkovic to work closely with us to illustrate the narrative of the report, as he has a great reputation for beautiful detailed illustrations and a distinctive use of colour. This was a very collaborative process, whereby every element was discussed and considered to ensure an accurate depiction of the business model. Through this three section structure, we were able to communicate where they are as a organisation and where they are going. The result has a different feel to traditional annual reports – the text narrative is concise, allowing the illustrations to help communicate the message. The cover encapsulates the tone of the interior, an abstracted dynamic arrow form, going from 'ghost' estate to quality housing built by highly qualified professional staff for happy tenants.