Designed by James Tuomey at Language

Creative director: David Joyce

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Civic

Tags: Poster / Science / Illustration / Visual art

The Physics department in Trinity College approached us with a challenge – to demonstrate the beauty of Physics to the people of Dublin. We worked with Trinity on a campaign to engage passengers on the DART line, and enlighten them about this misunderstood science. First we worked with scientists from different departments in the college to choose 12 bite-sized statements and teasers – 'DARTs' of Physics – and then we created an identity, an image-making style and a series of posters celebrating some of the more interesting physical phenomena. The illustration style was inspired by the iconography of railway signage, and by a 1950's modernist aesthetic that references public information campaigns and classic Science Fiction film posters. Restricting the colours to black and one fluorescent ink against a white background gives the illustrations clarity and impact, as well as helping to tie them together as a set.