Dublin School of Creative Arts Graduate Exhibition

2019 Selection

Designed by Kayley Kemple, Finan Callaghan and Tom Campion at Technological University Dublin

Website development : Neil Creagh

Tutor: Peter Maybury

Tutor: Brenda Dermody

Tutor: Clare Bell

Tutor/Production advisor: Louise Reddy

Tutor/Production advisor: Anthony Collins

Product photography: Gillian Buckley

Categories: Identity / Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography

Website: dscax.com/

The annual TU, Dublin graduate show is the highlight of the academic year and this identity represents the culmination of many years of full-time study and gives the students the opportunity to showcase the results of their imagination, hard work and creative skills.

The general aim of this project is to design a holistic visual identity which is engaging, routed in concept and visually striking, in order to enable effective dissemination and promotion of the exhibition, as well as increasing the prominence of the Dublin School of Creative Arts as a brand.

As students, we are working in a critical moment in time. The world we are immersed in is one that is plagued with political, environmental and societal issues. As creatives we may not have the ability to save the world but, utilising our craft as our voice, we do have the ability to respond to a multitude of issues that anger, motivate and inspire us. Through a certain level of ambiguity in our work, we can spark conversations, form opinions and inspire action.