2017 Selection

Designed by Brian O'Tuama (Freelance)

Illustration: Marlon Sassy

Categories: Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Music / Illustration / Art

Design, art direction and print production of a 336 page hardcover book for Canadian artist Marlon Sassy. The book is a collection of doodles spanning three years of Marlon's work. It features all your favourite rappers, ballers, players, thugs and gangsters. The introduction was written by Shia LeBeouf (before he went totally mad) and the foreword was written by Stones Throw art director, Jeff Jank.

Each illustration was originally created by the

artist using highlighter pens on 3x3 inch post-it notes. One of the challenges in making the book was accurately reproducing the colours of the originals.

The book measures 7x7 inches. Five fluorescent Pantones were used as well as CMYK. 24 foil inserts are spread throughout, the front and rear covers feature large foils. The dust jacket was printed in two colours with a six colour screen-printed sticker applied.

'Fuck Trump' was jumbled on the back cover, and Marlon has since received death threats from some of the impassioned Americans who have managed to work it out.