Goblin Magazine Wordmark

2021 Selection

Designed by Archie Heaslip (Freelance)

Magazine & Cover Design: Aidan Moore

Cover Photograph: Naoise McCarthy

Categories: Printed Publication / Print / Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Cover / Typeface / Logo / Print / Identity / Culture / Logo Design

Goblin magazine was originally launched on December 1st 2018; the first Irish skateboarding magazine released in over 10 years. 2021 sees issue 3 released with a new logo and masthead.

Referencing Blackletter calligraphy found on old Irish banknotes as a starting point, a number of variations were drawn, tried and tested.

A tightly-spaced Textura style wordmark with vertical stems that create rhythm and harmony was constructed. The vertical stems can increase or decrease in height allowing the logo to be adapted to suit the output, such as the masthead, which has a copperplate script style typeface intertwined within it.