Guinness Storehouse - 1837

2016 Selection

Designed by Kathryn Wilson at Slater Design

Interior Architect: O'Donnell O'Neill

Architect: RKD Architects

Sign Painter: Vanessa Power

Signage: Academy Signs

Consultant: Hugo Arnold

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Food and drink

We were briefed to totally reimagine 'Gilroy's', a tired old bar on the 5th floor of the Guinness Storehouse, as part of our project to reinvigorate the food and drink outlets at the venue.

1837 was the earliest recorded mention of Guinness and food as a pair - Benjamin Disraeli is known to have had oysters and stout on the night of November 21 1837 and described it as ‘the most remarkable day hitherto of my life’. The revamped space was to become a Brasserie with much more of a 'sit down' restaurant feel than the other spaces. The food offer featured small plates and large with suggested Guinness pairings for each dish all served from a theatre style kitchen at the centre of the space.

We wanted to use the fairly unique opportunity of the short numerical name to create a bold identity with a little personality for the space. The identity was used at scale on two adjoining walls to give it presence on the 5th floor concourse and attract visitors who would be entering from the other side of the space. Inside we gave the space a contemporary brasserie feel in its graphic and signage treatment. As with other units we were able to access the rich Guinness archive and pick posters and prints featuring Guinness & food pairings to hang within the space.