ICAD Annual


Designed by David Smith and Oran Day at Atelier David Smith

Editor: Elaine McDevitt

Print & Production: MM Artbook Printing

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Commercial

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Retaining the ‘small and thick’ dimensions of the previous year’s ‘ICAD Best of …’ book, we eschewed the authority of the hardcover Bible format in favour of a more ‘pop’ sensibility for the 2015/2016 edition — a 4pp foil-blocked softcover with 3 x dust-jacket variations. Seeing opportunities (and commonalities) within the competitive, goal/prize oriented world of classic arcade gaming, we constructed a matrix of ICAD bells (based upon the Space Invaders classic video game) to run across the dust-jacket/s. Three dust-jacket variations were produced with distinct configurations - different bell icons ‘turned on’ or ‘off’. These dust-jacket designs were then foil-blocked with either Gold, Silver or Bronze bell icons. The book is slightly larger than A6 in format and runs to 504 pages. Ensuring consistency of colour reproduction from so many diverse sources and across such a large extent of pages was a significant challenge to our prepress and printing colleagues. Commended and awarded work is organised into discrete 5 colour sections — process plus metallic and/or fluorescent inks.