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Designed by David Wall, Conor Nolan and Damien Gahan at WorkGroup

Identity Design: Atelier David Smith

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Irish Design 2015 is an all-Ireland initiative to promote design and designers to an Irish and international audience. We worked closely with the ID2015 team to devise a strategy for a website and online presence that would perform even as its role evolved over the course of the year. The website communicates the level of diversity and disparate activity of ID2015 in a way that reflects the organisation’s purpose and direction.

Ahead of launch (in December 2014) our focus was the programme, with a need to show the ambitious plans that were already in place over the 12 months to come. On launch, we needed to extend that to a series of Open Calls (in January and March). The huge response to these calls meant that the focus would shift to the large number of funded projects and initiatives that would fuel the programme’s rapid expansion. For the remainder of the year ID2015 projects happened all around the world, with a growing social media audience. So we adapted the News blog’s format, optimising the reading experience and showing generously sized images.

We also developed a custom API that runs from the site backend. The API structure means that ID2015 team can centrally manage content for syndication to a number of destinations, including a listings app (made in partnership with IBM and Atelier David Smith) as well as other apps and websites.