Irish Design Shop 2016 Calendar

2015 Selection

Designed by Alex Synge

Photography: Al Higgins

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Commercial


Irish Design Shop commission to produce their 2016 calendar. The concept was born out of a blissfully ignorant fascination with the stars and night sky, and a desire to further explore it. The aim was to produce a calendar which is both practical and beautiful. As well as containing 13 keepsake lithographic prints showing constellations visible from Ireland throughout the year, each month includes a moon phase calendar, along with notes on significant celestial events.

Lithographic print in Pantone 877 Silver ink on Burano Black 250gsm paper. 300mm x 420mm with perforations top and bottom of 300mm square image.

A screen-printed tote bag was also produced to coincide with the launch.