Kilkenny Cat Laughs


Designed by Sarah Moloney at Sarah Moloney

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Festival

Kilkenny Cat Laughs is one of the world’s oldest and most renowned comedy festivals. The festival appointed new artistic directors in 2017 to both serve the loyal audience and also to bring in fresh talent and new younger audiences. This became the brief for the design of the new festival identity too.

The deadpan cat, already the star of all the best YouTube videos and internet memes, became the poster boy for the festival. The main poster image was a collage of the bizarre and weird surrounding the cat, as if to say that this is the mad and exciting stuff that happens at the festival. The colours used were bright and vibrant. The type was big and bold. The whole identity was loud, fun and playful. It shouted at you for attention, suggested the atmosphere of the festival, and tried to make you #lol.