LXV Identity (2015)

2015 Selection

Designed by Kasia Ozmin at Together We Create

Account Director: Marion Cody

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

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We were tasked with creating the identity for a new commercial real-estate development situated at the southern corner of St Stephen’s Green, Ireland’s most famous city square.

The most attractive aspect of this building is its location in the heart of the city. The strategy was to build this offering into every facet of the identity and CGI.

The name LXV supported the importance of the address (65 St Stephens Green) and gave it a status and gravitas. Roman numerals not only spoke to a legacy of architecture, but are visually strong, memorable and succinct.

Bright yellow, gold and an almost black blue allowed the identity to be both contemporary and classic, understated yet arresting in the same moment, an approach inspired by the architecture.

To offset the more traditional font and setting of the logo, the supporting typography was kept clean and contemporary. Custom icons, map and pattern were also created as part of the system.

The building offers very simple floor plans but displayed impeccable finishing and materials. Saddle sewing, special finishes, luxurious paper and unique foldout sections evoked this attention to detail throughout the marketing materials.