2018 Selection

Designed by Lucia Orlandi at R/GA

VP, Group Executive Creative Director: David DeCheser

Creative Director: Lucia Orlandi

Creative Director: Megan Trinidad

Design Director: Bethany Kennedy

Design Director: Richard Smith

Design Director: Rachel Tervenski

Senior Copywriter: Rachel Wright

Copywriter: Sam Jossen

Associate Designer: Brigit Hickey

Illustrators: Franz Lang, Amber Vittoria, Molly Fairhurst, Alice Meteignier, Stephanie Wunderlich, JooHee Yoon

Brand system: COLLINS

Categories: Website

Industry: Commercial

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In a category rife with clichés, we needed to rethink how Mailchimp could market themselves to a bunch of would-be marketers who don’t know the first thing about CRM analytics optimization. For the relaunch of, R/GA created a way of speaking that skips the jargon and gets straight to the point. We paired that with an editorial design style that bucks industry trends and celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of Mailchimp’s customer base - small business owners. It was all housed in a completely rebuilt platform experience that uses a modular system that can grow with the brand. We worked with emerging illustrators to re-interpret textbook marketing terms through their own unique lens. The result was a design system that skipped the jargon and focused on the joy of marketing.

Then we launched a campaign that would tell Mailchimp’s story to the world. The biggest roadblock to convincing customers that Mailchimp does more than mail? The word “mail” is right there in the name. We tackled this inconvenient reality head on—and turned outgrowing your name into the ultimate sign of success.