Marc Quinn

2015 Selection

Designed by Patrick Mullen at Bureau for Visual Affairs

Developer: Maciej Paprocki

Developer: Andreas Lof Hermansson

Project Director (MQ): Damian Simpson

Database Manager (MQ): Steven O'Connor

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Art

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In late 2014 Marc Quinn tasked us with the creation of his new site, the crux of which was to devise a system that would introduce his life's work to a user with greater context and relevancy. Over the 24 years of Marc's professional career he has produced sculptures, paintings and drawings exploring the relationship between art and science, the human body and the perception of beauty—leading to a vast body of work that could be perceived as disparate or arbitrary.

The truth is rather different however, with a small number of themes being central to his work and exploration. To introduce these relatively esoteric themes to a user we focused the flow into two specific behaviours: discovery, and aided search.

By developing a stronger editorial stance in the form of monthly studio walks we elevated the browse experience for a user—enabling a more meaningful and curated platform for discovery—and more importantly created an appropriate channel for the studio to explain and introduce his work.

Adding to the editorial entry point, his individual works were also presented in the context of families/groups which introduced the key periods and themes that define his work. An additional taxonomy then underpinned all sections, enabling a user to pursue areas that engage or interest them, wherever they are in their journey.

The advanced search functionality was built upon the studio's data laden database, offering suggestive search for those hard to find items (e.g. 'embryo foetus') as well as faceted refining of results.

What a lovely project to be part of.