NDRC Matter that Matters

Designed by Grace Coakley at NDRC

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

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NDRC LIFTOFF is an industry event where companies who have graduated recent NDRC accelerator programmes pitch their proposals to the investment community. I was tasked with creating a visual identity for the event as well as accompanying materials including team boards for companies and leaflets.

‘Matter that Matters’

My concept was based on the idea of the science of success at NDRC. To begin, I substituted the original scientific elements in the periodic table of elements with the NDRC values. These values are core to their mentoring methods which have enabled so many Irish success stories.

The chemical elements are the fundamental building blocks of our world, so naturally I could visualise the NDRC values as the foundation for successful startups.

As a progression from this idea, and in celebration of the past participants of the program, I created another table for the event. Utilising the visual language of the periodic table, I was able to categorise 118 of the past Alumni companies that have come through NDRC by their market sector.

The same style carried through all the materials for the 12th Lift Off event, from the poster to the individual team boards.