2018 Selection

Designed by Evan McGuinness at Bielke+Yang

Design / Art Direction: Martin Yang Stousland

Design / Art Direction: Christian Bielke

Illustration: Cécile Gariepy

Interaction Design: Anders Wiik

Interaction Design: Tori Klakegg Mæhlum

Website development, : Alexander Bech, Værsågod

Photography: Anna Valeur

Categories: Identity

Industry: Civic

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Website: nyby.no/

Nyby is a new kind of digital platform that is used by municipalities and private companies that will create new opportunities through direct links between people.

The vision of Nyby is to gather the entire welfare state in one app, which they do by enabling direct links between those who have needs and those who can actually contribute, across organizations and sectors.

Nyby is not about spending the as much time on the platform as possible - but connecting people effectively so that they can build meaningful relationships in the real world, not the digital.

The identity is based on an abstract "Nyby globe" — a place where everyone is welcome and can help one another. The globe is made up of various layers that shift on their own - a reference to finding hidden human resources in society.

Nyby will reach out to different target groups, therefore it was important to create a warm expression that builds enthusiasm. The illustrations by Cécile Gariepy add a playfulness in which human connection is the focus.

The identity needed to be flexible and work on formal surfaces such as a report or application, but also on more playful surfaces like on a pair of socks or on the side of a boat.