Other Voices (2018)

2018 Selection

Designed by Sarah Moloney at Sarah Moloney

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Other Voices is a music and arts festival, held each December in Dingle, Ireland.

A design was to be developed to promote the overall festival, but it was also important that the information released about the individual events within the festival were distinguishable from each other. Line-ups for these events were to be announced in the run up to the festival. The festival goer should be able to notice the different events and register accordingly if they wanted to participate.

A key illustration and layout was created to promote the overall festival. The journey to the festival during the winter, a sense of getting away and being remote, excitement of seeing new things, hearing new music, gaining new ideas and experiences are all part of the sell of the festival. The design for the festival acknowledged this in the illustration and colour palette.

Each event was allocated it’s own unique colour and a variation of the main festival illustration (depicting a different image from the location: the harbour, town, mountains, islands, etc.). These distinguishable elements meant it was easy for the viewer to understand it was part of the festival, and separate it from the other events.