P+D (2016)

Designed by Muireann McNulty at RichardsDee

Creative Director: Simon Richards

Brand Strategist: Amanda Smith

Project Director: Celine Dee

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

Print & Display are Ireland’s largest and longest established printers. With over 40 years experience working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, their business had grown far beyond the ‘printing and displaying’ they had originally built their name on. Our challenge was to reposition the brand and create an identity that would reflect the company they had become and enable them to adapt to take advantage of future market opportunities.

Through workshops with stakeholders, customers and employees, we identified two prevalent themes within the organisation: a 40-year commitment to both customer and craft and a determination to create visual impact at point of purchase. These two elements became the cornerstone of the brand story, culminating in a new brand proposition ‘Creating Visual Impact Since 1970’.

Building on the company’s rich past, but allowing for continual evolution, we changed their name to P+D. In P+D’s words, they are not just printers they are partners. This idea of ‘relationships’ was brought to life in the visual identity, with the ‘p’ and ‘d’ crafted as mirror images of each other, connected by a plus sign, which represents the extra lengths that P+D go to, to deliver on their clients’ vision. Language and messaging was central in establishing the new name and identity, and to communicate the brand’s distinct personality. Brand photography was also commissioned to celebrate the creators, makers and contributors that make the company a success, elevating the passion and expertise of the team.

The new identity system is bold and alive with personality and colour. It also gives creative marketers an insight into both the P+D world and what they expect when commissioning work with Ireland’s leading point of sale specialists.