Printastic App UI (2015)

2015 Selection

Designed by Sarah Fox at Printastic

Categories: Website

Industry: Commercial


Printastic is a mobile app which allows users to create and order a personalised photo book quickly and easily, while also offering plenty of customisation options. To achieve this balance of simplicity and functionality we needed to eliminate potential friction points prevalent in other similar book printing apps by keeping the flow linear and by making features obvious and easy to use. Help is available throughout every step of the user journey, and the checkout process is very simple and secure.

Evolution: The basic app layout designs have maintained a similar structure from the onset of this project to the present, but even though the overarching form and style stayed the same, everything else remains in a state of constant evolution. We use data gathered from user interactions to inform, among other things, everything from layout flow structures, naming conventions and button colours. A weekly release schedule means we can A/B test new features and make decisions based on actual user interaction.