Reputation Inc


Designed by Archie Heaslip at CI Studio

Digital Design: Conor Flood & Archie Heaslip

Strategy: Mel O'Rourke

Web Development: Estd

Categories: Website / Print / Identity

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Digital / Icons / Rebrand / Website


Reputation Inc are a leading international reputation management consultancy. They are pioneers in reputation management, partnering with many leading global and local organisations to help them understand the importance and value of Reputation.    

Our challenge was to work with them on creating a cohesive brand identity and strategy which would cut through the clutter and better reflect the services they provide on an international level. 

Using straightforward graphic language and narrative, we designed a system which is bold, dynamic and confident. The three pillars of reputation (intelligence, strategy & engagement) are represented by three lines which form the main brand symbol as well as various icons and graphic motifs. 

Application was across all their print, digital and environmental touchpoints, including the design and development of their website.